Catch-22 in discussing topic

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Catch-22 in discussing topic

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Hi, folks.

I am a former forum member who banished himself over a year ago after being chastised for bringing up the subject of the Drug War since it was deemed irrelevant to Bernardo's philosophy. Although I disagreed with that conclusion, I realized that I was not yet up to the task of connecting the dots between materialism and America's project of substance demonization, and so I thought I would "stand down" until I could state my position clearly enough to be understood (if not approved) by my fellow forum members.

The results of my contemplation may be found in this essay entitled Materialism and the Drug War.

Even this post is probably forbidden here, but I am in a Catch-22 situation in my attempts to bring my thoughts on this topic to the attention of Bernardo. His website tells me not to contact him but rather to use the forum. The forum, for its part, tells me that references to the Drug War are inadmissible. So I seem to have no way of passing along my thoughts on this topic.

This surprises me since Bernardo himself acknowledges the role of materialist science in skewing research on psychedelics: I merely take that ball and run with it, by making the case that this materialistic "skewing" of science is far more consequential and insidious than Kastrup has yet realized, that it is in fact one of the reasons why we have a "war on drugs" in the first place (please see link).

Robert told me that there are more appropriate sites for such topics, but I disagree. This might be true if I were writing about the drug war per se, but I am not: I am writing about the drug war's relationship to materialism (although I freely grant that my previous posts on this topic may have strayed from the point, for which I sincerely apologize). In any case, the above-mentioned essay got me banned from the Drugs Reddit. Having thus been blackballed by the mainstream, it would be doubly disheartening to find that my thoughts on this topic are to be ignored "out of hand," as it were, by a philosophically-minded forum as well.

This is the only post that I will submit on this topic. I desire only that Bernardo become aware of the existence of my essay. If he is not interested in at least peeking at an article with such a title, then I will know that the two of us have insuperable philosophical differences and I'll leave it at that. No harm, no foul. However, should he disagree, I'd be interested in knowing why. The Drugs Reddit disagreed so much as to ban me for life, but of course they never bothered to tell me wherein I did offend.