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This is a 'blessing' (other 'offerings' are welcomed) aimed at the enterprise of all that gather here (it is actually a para from Ch.4 of my book, titled Godspeak 2000):

"Though, at the outset, such motivation is ‘brought’ to Life by a relative few, our ‘movement’ gains momentum because benevolence is exponentially self-potentiating. Es­pecially when many are troubled and need is great, since we conscientiously serve the cause of Life, our efforts are psychospiritually welcomed and endorsed. This not only sus­tains our impetus but, despite ongoing expenditure, keeps it growing. We thereby inspire others of like mind and heart to join us in common cause. And, as we continue to stimulate and enhance one another in synergetic coaction, our energy eventually builds to the point where, linking up with that of other similarly motivated groups, it sets off a chain reaction. A tremendous stream of Creativity surges forth in due course."