UFO Phenomenon Increasing - What Does it Mean?

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UFO Phenomenon Increasing - What Does it Mean?

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UFO In Cape Hatteras? Viral Video Sparks Debate Of Mysterious Flying Object

Days before the CIA released a large cache of files involving unidentified flying objects (UFOs), following a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by podcaster John Greenwald Jr., social media was a buzz about a UFO last week over North Carolina's Outer Banks area.

According to the regional newspaper The News & Observer, photographer Wes Snyder captures what appears to be a mysterious object in the night sky.

"The object was visible for just under 3 minutes total, so I doubt it's a meteor, (or) shooting star as those typically only last a few seconds," Snyder posted on YouTube.

Judging by the video, the object appears to have corners. Here's the video in full.

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Re: UFO Phenomenon Increasing - What Does it Mean?

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Our science fiction society has imagined every potential invention.
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