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Dear all,

I am sending you a proposition that is a lot in my mind these days. To tell you something about my background I am a clinical neurologist and psychiatrist and am also for a long time interested in consciousness research and especially in the role of mathematics in this question. I study mathematics in my spare time. My special interest in this is the work of a german universal scholar who has published a book about prime number theory. He developed a mathematical model that he called prime number cross, which he understands as the informational matrix of this universe.

He believes that mathematics is "real" in the platonian sense and constitutes an essential part of reality. Furthermore he is a chemist and developed a fuel that is based on silicium and has the ability to burn with nitrogen. He also patented a spacecraft for it that is disc-shaped and acts as shuttle for an interstellar "mothership" that is powered by a nuclear fusion drive. His number theoretical views have been supported by two south african chemists that are well respected. (Jan C.A. Boeyens and Demetrius C. Levendis).(2-10)A californian polymath and billionaire cleims to have broken RSA-codes by way of the geometry oft he prime number cross.(8)

As far as I am concerned these developments are not discussed in any perceivable way publicly. Last May I wrote a tweet that refers to this researcher and included a seemingly very fantastic proposition concerning
nobel prizes. It is based on a vision that this researcher, the name is Peter Plichta, had in his early life. The tweet is in essence a passionate
appeal for the recognition of his ideas but lacks of course all basic necessities of scientific publication.(1)
I am sending you this tweet now as well as material about Peter Plichtas ideas and a paper about a neurological case of an acquired savant-syndrome accompanied by synesthesia, Jason Padgett, who later wrote a book about it. (11,12)

If mathematics is an essential part of reality then there are obviously people who are able to see this. I personally know people with synesthesia. I have the impression that they can see parts oft the prime number cross and I believe Jason Padgett did too. If this is true we are living not only in a space-time-continuum but in a continuum of space, time and geometry.
As fantastic as my tweet may seem I am "somehow" convinced that this crisis leads to the voyage that Peter Plichta describes in his vision.
Rebuilding the world economy with the combined effort of building an interstellar spacecraft will be the transformational event that leads to a new paradigm.

Could the prime number cross be the „universal structure“ that has been proposed by Professor Carr or „Unus Mundus“ as proposed in the Pauli-Jung-Conjecture ? (14,15)


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Marco Gericke