Topics being moved from 'General' to 'Topic-specific' section

Any topics primarily focused on metaphysics can be discussed here, in a generally casual way, where conversations may take unexpected turns.

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Topics being moved from 'General' to 'Topic-specific' section

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With Ashvin's agreement, I'm moving this topic to the 'Topic-specific Argumentation' section, along with 'The World According to Barfield' topic, so as to encourage participants to start using that section, if wishing to avoid topics veering off into some discussion that someone else would prefer to be talking about—I promise not to whimsically post facetious cat videos there. Anyone wishing to have their topic moved there as well, please let me know here.

For the record, I truly feel that with all the brilliant minds involved in this forum, it is surely capable of truly meaningful dialogos, without degenerating into the kind of egoic offence><defence driven tit-for-tat one can find, ad nauseam, on twitter or in the comments sections of the sports pages.

Again, thanks for your cooperation in keeping this forum focused on that aspiration, however idealistic and challenging it may be ;)
Here out of instinct or grace we seek
soulmates in these galleries of hieroglyph and glass,
where mutual longings and sufferings of love
are laid bare in transfigured exhibition of our hearts,
we who crave deep secrets and mysteries,
as elusive as the avatars of our dreams.
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Re: Topics being moved from 'General' to 'Topic-specific' section

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Notice: new topic on the Fragmentation and Integration posted in this section:

“I began to understand that the goal of psychic development is the Self. There is no linear evolution; there is only a circumambulation of the Self."
- Jung
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