Knowledge, culture ,tradition and consciousness

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Knowledge, culture ,tradition and consciousness

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Hi all,
Understanding the above 4 terms will help unravel the mystery of consciousness.

Knowledge is the abstract thing that gets manifested from the sense and the neurons processing them. But once manifested then it has an existence of its own that can be understood but not felt or empirically proven or ontologically identified but ALL THE SAME IT EXISTS .
It can be shared understood and taught.

The social cloud of all such knowledge become the culture of the society and such a thing exists. This is fluid in the sense that we learn from the same and also contribute to the same to better adapt to the contemporary times.

Tradition is more of rituals and habits that are done by a society as a norm without knowledge and understanding but helps human evolution and culture enrichment.

Consciousness is the innate nature of the soul /life atom which can comprehend understand manifest and relate to all of the above.

No metaphysics no ontology no empiricism no panpsychism no religion no spirituality has been able to understand this.

I have understood this and have also connected this with my purpose of life of removign delusion from the human population a few people at a time and help it percolate organically.

Human beings need to be in order and harmony and this can help achieve it. I expect the learned people in this group to add more context suggestions improvements on this.

Best regards,