Practicing Dance Moves in the Shadows

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Re: Practicing Dance Moves in the Shadows

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findingblanks wrote: Tue Oct 19, 2021 3:25 am "Does anyone know if Steiner actually slept?"

You are going to hate/scold/doubt me for this, but I feel it is at least okay in this dancing of shadow's context:

There is an account from somebody who knew Steiner personally that Steiner had mentioned teaching this person a meditation that would allow this person to only need a couple of hours of sleep per night. But Steiner said the downside is that effectively accomplishing the meditation would most likely not be possible for the person.

I am 66% certain that the person was Fredrich Rittlemyer.
And I am 51% certain that it was from the book "Rudolf Steiner Enters My Life."

I was just going to mention, full development of Imaginative cognition is akin to attaining full consciousness of dream life during sleep. So, in a real sense, this is like remaining awake during those durations of dreaming sleep. Full development of Intuitive cognition, as I understand it, would be akin to full consciousness during deep dreamless sleep. This should go to show how all of these things are relative states dependent on our own modes of cognition i.e. spiritual evolution. Of course, the person who denies the possibility of any higher modes of cognition which can be developed (at least partially) right now during this lifetime, will simply think this is all crazy and demand their 8 hours of blissful (or nightmarish) and thoughtless sleep!
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Re: Practicing Dance Moves in the Shadows

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Lucid dreaming is definitely one of the most concrete ways to get over the inveterate materialist assumption that the mind could not create something 'so solid and real as a brick wall.' I typically spend most of my lucid dreams just staring closely at any random object nearby and being astonished that the texture and patterns are being generated by 'my' mind.
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