Some thoughts on this section

Here both posters and comments will be restricted to topic-specific discourse. Comments that are deemed to be too digressive or off-topic, may be deleted by a moderator.

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Some thoughts on this section

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It may have been RHC who first named this section 'Formal Philosophical Discussions', now re-named 'Topic-specific Argumentation'. I suppose that could be interpreted to mean the topic should pertain to strict philosophical categories, in some arcane, accredited academic PHD sense. But my understanding of the intent is simply to be a section where commentary stays strictly philosophically focused on the original topic, while not tangentially veering off into digression, whimsical asides, music videos, or steering the subject in some other preferred direction, as more casual, informal conversations tend to go, in which case such comments may be deleted. Of course, some topics may be more conducive to that kind of discussion, so this may not be the best place to discuss NDEs, for example, or such subjects of a more anecdotal nature. So use some discretion in that regard.