Bidirectional Fractalization Recursion, A Referential Loop Participatory Mass Of Time-Scale Paradoxy Of Reality-Building

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Bidirectional Fractalization Recursion, A Referential Loop Participatory Mass Of Time-Scale Paradoxy Of Reality-Building

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One transpersonal timeless nonlocal consciousness

It localizes into an infinity of personalities of itself

Self-interacting dreamscape

One consciousness inverted as a neural network of persona localization nodes

Dilation of time (resonating as that one nonlocal beingness),
compression of time (localization state - being that)

Impersonal to personal (the lifeform spectra)

Psychic synchronization of symbiosis

Pre-life, post-life

Coma, syncope, slow-wave sleep (altered states of consciousness
correspondent with increased connection to being that singular

Death-transition, weird/shocking then unitative blissful

What is anything, non-limitation

Dissociation and non-dissociation

Unconditional love (anti-absurdity of perceptual state)

Consciousness of your propensity for free will, how you use/operate
your mind moment to moment

Sensitivity/attunement to when one drifts from loving unitativeness to

Macrocosmic, microcosmic

Spirit, localizes as a particular soul, its heart/feeling-senses, and
its conscience and mind

World, an appearential representation of consciousness processes
self-interacting in the dreamscape dissociation

The dreamer becomes the dream, testament to the mind's power, as to
how real life seems

Lucid dreaming, near-death experience, ego loss/death, jamais vu
(derealization and depersonalization), deja vu

All times are the same time, all spaces are the same space, all beings
are the same being, everything is everything

Retrocausality (the present is self-interacting in conjunction with
creating the past/your past events)

Mind-body relationship, mind influences body state, body state influences mind

The body is an amassed memory web condensation of your particular dissociative
volition framed by the overarching blueprint impingement process of

The collective unconscious/dreamscape-connectome, your subconscious,
the egoic conscious

All things ever in an infinite web of entanglement permutations of possibility

Reality's lack of ceiling or floor

Interjection of dream phenomenon into so-called waking practical life
(apparitions, unexplained entities and phenomena, etc.)

Group unexplained phenomena (seen by more than one), personal
unexplained phenomena

Undefinable superposition storehouse potentiality summation, a nexus of aggregated proclivities of nature/character. Realizable/manifested/actualized in dream memoric embodiment condensations
Syncope catacombs/corridors/scaffolding/manifolds/lofts/chambers/sacs/compartments/labyrinths. Holonomic nausea-schematics/diagrams. The infinitely high-pitched nauseatorium matrix/nexus/singularity of engorged pincushional twin-destiny felt and dream weaving apparatuses. Undulating dream-spool/loom-filaments
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