My Tripartite Myth from 1984: Atiero Universes

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My Tripartite Myth from 1984: Atiero Universes

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The Black Premise

In darkness, a sound. I am looking down a long corridor in time. Without doubt, I am walking toward the final conclusion of my delusion, the door at the end.

I ask; I am to be judged I fear.

As I try the door it all begins, to come back to me, as I look down the seemingly endless corridor ahead of me.

The Awakening

Finally he awoke from the dream of being. What he saw was the ultimate reflection of blackness, his own gaze from within his true self.

They broke contact and the image sprang slowly into being from the eyes of Cyros’ spirit guide. Cyros recognized it as that material form of the class of entity know as “his other name,” described by the book as a “brief flair or anomaly in the cosmic mind.” He saw this in the entity’s black but reflective eyes. This blackness was ever-fading in the warm, starry light of their surroundings, which seemed to have no source. Instead it emanated from everything, especially the walls. He then spoke to it, his newfound companion, his older self.

He said: “I will call your true name, now, and in this I will have bound our pasts.” But before he could speak he saw the open doorway. He remembered in a moment that which lay outside. He got up from his chair, uttered a word, and walked out to infinity.

The “Big” Deal

After many passings he drew near again the door of ultimate fate.

As he tried the door he remembered again; the lost vision, and entered the small chamber.

Its walls were of ebon, carved of times forgot, showing of detail undefined and unsurpassed.

One could move in it, but not through it proper, because it had no up or down proper. This was due to the pact of purity.

The pact said, among other things, that you could not look to the “ceiling” or “floor” for they did not exist. So said the pact of purity.

But he remembered again a time of living on the floor, and so looked down. He saw his feet and smiled.

And he remembered again his newfound right to ask the final question.

He cursed the pact and looked up.

But he, as all others before, followed the walls up and to the final horizon of null.

And he, as all others before, was unborn.
As once the winged energy of delight
carried you over childhood's dark abysses,
now beyond your own life build the great
arch of unimagined bridges...

—Rainer Maria Rilke