Logos XXI - a mythopoetic, psycho-philosophical YouTube show

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Logos XXI - a mythopoetic, psycho-philosophical YouTube show

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Dear philosophically-inclined minds,

I'm not sure how to introduce this to you, so, since words say less than images and images say less than videos, let's go for a quick resolution build-up,
starting with the word.

Logos XXI is an imaginative exercise, which can be framed as follows:

in the 21st century…what would God do?

Well, how about sending down a Joker, a Dictator and a King?
You know, good things come in three and their mission may seem impossible, anyways.

At last, the image of God has either been dogmatically defined – or denied. Right? To the intellectual mind, God is dead, anyways.

Obviously, the One needs to be given some logical grounds, for the story to gain some realistic footing, to begin with.
Walter Theodor Feuergeist aka God's Joker does that by means of presenting the only four fundamental elements of reality with his Geistformel / God-formula (c2=p/m).

Subsequently, World War 3 will be declared by his little brother, the Platonic Führer:
David Donnerstein, the German-Jewish philosopher dictator ("coincidentia oppositorum").

Then, the realm of lights - an answer to Plato's Republic - will be built, before mankind’s relationship to the word-in-itself will be rekindled -
by the word himself:
John C. Santos, the King - and Christ 2.0.

If that's not crazy enough for you, I promise it will get crazier after that. Those are only the first three of eight levels, at last.

But, sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

So, on to the image part.

As for the videos, there are two ways for you to try to ease into the show.

1. You start with the narrative which contains brief educational interludes which are meant to embed the story within the history of the Western mind.

Here's the trailer:

And here's the first episode

2. You have a look at some isolated fragments to see if God's Joker is convincingly crazy and divine.

The representation of Level 1 - an homage to our Zeitgeist - follows different rules than the other levels.
The comic filter will remain, but other devices will be used starting in Level 2.


For some more info: www.godsjoker.com and @godsjoker123 on social media

YouTube channel: godsjoker123
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Re: Logos XXI - a mythopoetic, psycho-philosophical YouTube show

Post by AshvinP »

Great to see you here GJ! Logos XXI is definitely worth imaginatively partaking in. And, this should also be posted in General Discussions, because there is substantial metaphysical content to be found on this journey. Thanks!
“I began to understand that the goal of psychic development is the Self. There is no linear evolution; there is only a circumambulation of the Self."
- Jung
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