M. John Harrison's Kefahuchi Tract trilogy

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M. John Harrison's Kefahuchi Tract trilogy

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M. John Harrison is one of my famous sci-fi writers, and I think he has written one of the most imaginative and unique sci-fi trilogies of all time. The three books of the Kefahuchi Tract series (Light, Nova Swing, and Empty Space) are very different from each other in terms of atmosphere, narrative style, structure, and the themes explored, but are united by a central idea: that reality is very fucking strange.
The best thing about these books is that this strangeness is not put into the spotlight in a "look at me how weird I am" way, but is treated in an entirely unassuming way, conveying how paradoxes and the ineffable are just everyday reality in this weird and disconcerting future.
All three books deal with metaphysical concepts, and I highly recommend them, preferably in the order of their publication, even though they are only loosely connected.
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Re: M. John Harrison's Kefahuchi Tract trilogy

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Thanks for that, Hedge. I'll give them a go.
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