Essay: Retracing Spiritual Activity (Part V)

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Re: Essay: Retracing Spiritual Activity (Part V)

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lorenzop wrote: Sun Jun 09, 2024 11:56 am Should the Lorenzo dream continue, I’ll be ready.
Well, that's still dodgy, I'm not sure what you are ready for - simply for continued existence without taking any responsibility for its future direction or that you are ready for the possibly uncomfortable consequences of the choices currently made (even if from a narrow-sighted perspective these choices may seem like unquestionable and absolute).

Anyway. Let's mark this stage of conversation. What should remain from all this is a certain feeling for an open question. As said, I'm not asking for change in beliefs and values but maybe next time, before mocking the gold-digging tendencies of those who try to make sense of the universal movie flow - not some external movie but the very metamorphosis of inner space at all scales - one should stop and remember the open question and at least for a moment consider "what if there's really something to be understood and done?" Then one can simply follow the line of reason and see whether things make sense in case it turns out that mystical freefalling through the Earthly life movie is no longer sufficient for the proper unfoldment of the greater evolutionary movie that CC goes through.
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