Joker destroys Scientific Worldview

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Joker destroys Scientific Worldview

Post by godsjoker123 »

Hi folks!

First of all, I am not sure how to introduce this, so, sorry for the funny title, but I think it would capture the essence of one of my characters.

I have posted about the entire series in "metaphysically-relevant art forms", for that is what this is:
a fragment of a dramatic, tragic-comical rendering of thought - a small piece of an epic narrative called "Logos XXI: The Rise of the One".

Plato is of course the main inspiration for representing ideas like this, though I have never been a fan of his "one lead character (Socrates) against all" approach, to be honest, which strikes me as poetically antithetical to the idea that the human mind is governed by a dialectic of opposites.
I'm pretty much a follower of Heraclitus.
(Though in Plato's defense, I feel inclined to argue that Socrates vs. the poets in the Republic, his rendering of the ideal state of mind - the city of God within and without - is actually a manifestation of Plato's inner conflict between rational philosopher king and pantomimic trickster poet, so there is that...)

Anyways, I think as for the plot of the first video, the Platonic Führer (David Donnerstein) presents a kind of cosmic, psychoanalytical reading of the development of the Western mind which has reached the end of father-archetype dominated consciousness, which God's Joker (Walter Theodor Feuergeist) then reacts to from a purely philosophical angle, demonstrating that the mainstream scientific worldview is indeed the manifestation of a cognitive paternal complex and thus pathological.

Perhaps, this is a Jungian perspective complemented by a Hegelian one.

I am adding this second video, because the analogical demonstration of the category error underlying the ontological argument for the post-human computer Gods ("Simulation Argument") is the same which was used in the video above.

As for the artistic style, well, what can I say: I'm a late millennial who grew up during the Hip Hop revolution (I think it's now the biggest form of music, worldwide), comic book heroes hitting the mainstream and Tarantino releasing Inglorious Bastards and Django.
Plato: "poets just imitate!" ;-)

Not sure how future historians of art will characterize the early 21st century, but it's certainly the most radical age so far, given that for the first time ever, lyricists, writers, philosophers or movie makers can really say anything at all and portray anything the way they see fit.
Absolute freedom of expression is as much a gift as it is a curse, I guess.

Anyways, with all of that said, please enjoy and best regards from almost snow-white Southern Germany
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Re: Joker destroys Scientific Worldview

Post by AshvinP »

godsjoker123 wrote: Sun Nov 28, 2021 9:20 am Perhaps, this is a Jungian perspective complemented by a Hegelian one.
Absolute freedom of expression is as much a gift as it is a curse, I guess.
Hello GJ,

As you know, I really appreciate the effort and style that went into making your videos, not to mention the philosophical content. Thanks for sharing them here!

We could do a lot worse than a Jungian perpsective complemented by a Hegelian one on this forum, and we have ;)

Freedom is a double-edged sword, indeed. We should also remember the quote in my footnote - the core reason so many speculations like the "simulation argument" and such arise is because there is a deep unexamined desire to bring the future into the present in a purely outward way (as opposed to inner manifestation of our 'future' qualities). The 'future' here represents a spiritual reality and our own role in it from our lawful spiritual evolution. Instead of perceiving how there is still much lawful evolution to take place, through our dedication and cognitive effort, people view themselves as complete beings and simply assume our modern technology can force that spiritual reality to manifest in the sensible world. And they come up with all sorts of abstract theories to stand in for the concrete spiritual reality, basically ending up with unimaginative versions of The Matrix. Of course there are many other flawed philosophical assumptions at play which you highlight in the videos, but I would say they are all ultimately manifestations of these deep unexamined desires in relation to the spiritual.
"To think what is true, to sense what is beautiful and to want what is good, hereby the spirit finds purpose of a life in reason.”
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Re: Joker destroys Scientific Worldview

Post by godsjoker123 »

I have incorporated a similar view to yours into the movie with regards to the projection of unconscious motivation onto phenomenal appearances (i.e. AI/Simulation Argument premised on sci-fi-induced schizophrenia/poor readings of The Matrix movie) from a deeply Jungian perspective, I guess.

Perhaps, the German accent helps to emphasize the gravity of the claim :D

This was my own comment on it:

The perhaps most incredible aspect is not the main claim (the internet as manifestation of the World Soul/will/collective unconscious and the projection of immortality onto it by those minds tilted towards a paternal logos complex), but what it implies:

if the church is assumed to be a media empire holding a monopoly on distributed content and interpretation, then the internet may just be a curious successor of the church -

a dreamworld-generating meta-womb.

(Matrix - the world of matter (m) - is Latin for womb.)

If this is assumed to be true, then the telos (end goal) of the internet is to function as global church governed by the collective will - ideally! - as opposed to a dreamworld-generating platform where content-distributing oligarchies are fighting an economic war for attention.
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