Introducing myself

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Introducing myself

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Hello All

Far better I come out briefly from the shadows where I tend to wander and say hi lest I be mistaken for only lurking.

I have some familiarity with the forum prior to it's emergence from it's incubation under the venerable BK. Perhaps I even posted a bit in that earlier life.

A little bit about moi : a recovering scientist with sufficient luxury of time to meditate occasionally on space/time, and so forth. These days I tend to circumnavigate concepts outside of time, ( the +1, as we experience typically in 3+1 space ) in modeling fully modular structuring and it's possible projections. I have only cursory understanding of the different 'isms', including idealism. However, I am strongly of the perspective of the value constructing connections not on various definitions, per se, but on direct observation and inferences on simple conclusions of what must be, at least for the system under consideration. This in part reflects the singular perspective any particular consciousness will and must have : shared, overly-fixed definitions necessarily restrict, or sure seem to. That, in a nutshell, why physicists in their tower of babel will forever chase their tail if they continue to focus only on their standard model.

Philosophically, I am of the opinion that my physical experience from earliest memory would fit either in only two possible scenarios, of vastly differing a prior possibility. One is perhaps simplest expressed as we are relatively alone in the one-off, rather luxuriously energized universe emerging from a so-called singularity with our existential future rather grim. The second is that we are part of a rather fully ( technically more accurate? - halfway ) evolved entity that specializes in conquering dimensions and emerges from inherent natural juxtapositions. (-: either way, welcome aboard :-)

I imagine there is much for me to learn observing and hope from my deepest heart ❤️ any interjections from me achieve their intention of providing only cool light 🕊️
wake me for meals, please

(-¿ oh, am I winking with the wrong eye again ?-)