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New members, please read the House Rules before proceeding.

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House Rules

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House rules:

Use common sense civility and respect, though sharp exchanges on content are allowed. Character attacks and patterns of disrespectful behaviour to other members will result in comments being pre-moderated, or being banned from the forum after 2 prior infractions, at the discretion of the moderators.

Spamming or trolling will not be tolerated. Do not download external files directly to the forum, as they may contain viruses, malware, etc.

All Topics, without exception, must first and foremost pertain to metaphysics, and directly related topics.

If posting topical news articles as the basis for a topic of discussion, the article itself should have some nuanced metaphysical focus and intention written into it, as the basis for any follow up discussion. If the link is to a site that requires a paid subscription to access and assess it, please provide a significant passage from the article that refers to its metaphysical focus and intention.

No promoting of partisan politics, and/or ideological or religious evangelizing, Some leeway will be given in referencing the political implications of certain metaphysical positions, as long as it doesn't degenerate into antagonistic, polarized polemic.

Threads meant for formal, rigorous philosophical discussions should be posted in the 'Formal' section, where posters should endeavour to stay on topic, without digressing into more casual conversation. Comments deemed to be too digressive or off-topic may be deleted by a moderator.

If you're new to the group, your first post will be moderated. If the moderators feel posters tend to repeatedly infringe upon forum rules, subsequent posts may also be pre-moderated and/or deleted.

If you wish to contact Bernardo Kastrup directly, this is not the place. Best to go through his website, or social media accounts.

Above all, have fun!