Welcome One and All

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Welcome One and All

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Welcome to members both old and new. As you have now been informed by Bernardo and RHC, the current Google Groups/Metaphysical Speculations forum will now be redirected to this new site and format. The old forum will remain available as an archive for reference/research purposes for the foreseeable future, but it is now in read-only mode.

All will need to register for a new account here, which has been going smoothly, and should be quite straight forward. To all who participated in the creation and evolution of the old Metaphysical Speculations forum, from tentative experiment to ongoing source of ideas and inspiration and finding fellowship with metaphysical soulmates, I trust that the same spirit will be reincarnated here. With that in mind, please read the House Rules. If there are any questions or concerns feel free to contact myself or Simon via the 'private message' or 'email' option. I'll update with more information as required, here in the 'Announcements' section.

Thanks for your cooperation in making this transition

Here out of instinct or grace we seek
soulmates in these galleries of hieroglyph and glass,
where mutual longings and sufferings of love
are laid bare in transfigured exhibition of our hearts,
we who crave deep secrets and mysteries,
as elusive as the avatars of our dreams.