Mandela Effect Revisited

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Mandela Effect Revisited

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The Mandela effect involves large numbers of people who firmly claimed to have read of (famed activist) Nelson Mandela's death, but inexplicably made that claim years before he actually died.

While it is an urban legend that many say has been debunked, the mysterious fact remains that sometimes, large numbers of people do adamantly claim to remember a very specific event, which either cannot be verified to have occurred, or in some cases, can decisively be shown to never have occurred at all.

Why? When trying to explain a seemingly unexplainable fact, the explanations tend to go in two opposite directions: one, the explanation is too strange to be accepted, and two, an explanation that is too ordinary to fit the extraordinary facts.

Here, complete with what must surely be "photo-shopped," or faked, photos, is a commentary that is either too bizarre, or too ordinary, either way, to be easily accepted.

From the perspective of Idealist thought, what do you think? ... ird-photo/